Zite - one of my favourite iPad Apps for photography

I love my iPad 2. I use it far more than I ever thought I would. What I love most about it is that I can have news and blog feeds, web browser, tools and utilities altogether in one place, and it's easier to look at than my iPhone.

Zite is one of the apps I use everyday (and it's free!). It aggregates blog feeds and news posts about subjects of my choice - I have feeds set up for photography (of course), gadgets, social media, marketing and a few others.

Not only does it feed in posts from the blogs I've chosen to follow through Google Reader (it hooks in to a number of popular RSS feed readers), but it then discovers more blogs with similar or relevant content. I've come across some very helpful and interesting articles as a result of Zite's discovery tools.

I love how it lays out the articles magazine-style. It includes images and headlines, and then you can click into each article to read the full post.

Within each article you can share to a bunch of social media sites, email the link to friends, or use the Read it Later to bookmark those posts you like best, and want to be able to refer to later.

I find this "personalised magazine" style of presenting content lets me scan through large numbers of stories (as you would flick through a newspaper) and read more about the ones that most interest me! It's perfect for reading when I'm on the bus, or anywhere where I find myself with a few spare minutes.

If you have an iPad, check it out!

Back to the books again!

I'm a course junkie - always have been. I've done numerous photography workshops over the last couple of years, which have fueled my photography obsession, but in recent months, I've been left wanting more - a more structured way of learning, and stringing together all of the theory and practice I'm already doing.

I began investigating long Cert IV/Diploma courses some time ago, but the number of "part time" photography courses in Brisbane is severely limited - talk about a market opportunity! I'd always shyed away from online courses because I like the discipline and interactivity of lectures, but it seemed to be the only option available.

In doing my own research and talking to colleagues amd photography buddies, I came across The Photography Institute, which offers a 24-week, 12 module course. It looked pretty extensive, and what I liked most about it was the promise of personal feedback from tutors.

So, knowing that a couple of my mates are doing the course, Michael and I signed up last week.

The course notes are extensive, and the assignments definitely make you think. Module 1's assignment listed a series of scenarios and kit bag full of theoretical equipment, from which you had to say which gear you'd take and why. All the lenses available to choose from were prime lenses....argh! Hard going for someone who mainly uses zoom lenses....

Anyway, submitted my first assignment and got some helpful feedback from my tutor, and 9/10, so I'm on my way. Bring on Module 2! I'm really looking forward to the practical components, setting up some shoots and getting some feedback on the photos - it's the only way to improve! It's also far more interesting when you're studying a subject you love - it doesn't seem like a chore, well, yet - anyway!

In the meantime, here's a couple I took at this morning's photo walk around Roma Street Parklands.