365 Challenge #324 - an afternoon in the mansion

Wow! It was a fast and furious few hours at a 70's Italian-styled mansion at Carseldine this afternoon! Krank Photography Workshops set up no less than 10 "scenes" for us to shoot, inside and outside the ornately decorated house which is slated for demolition in a few months. Enter the developers...

Photographers Glen Krohn and Deborah Boots were on hand to show us how to get the best out of the models, poses and camera settings. The stylist (Elisha Casagrande), and hair and makeup team from Elite Freelancing, did an awesome job, as did the lovely models who remained incredibly patient with what must have felt like a paparazzi's-worth of photographers in their faces.

The workshop was fun, and definitely piqued my interested in fashion photography. Now...I want to go do it all again!

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