Tickle My Fancy Project - Day 2

I enjoyed a wee, boppy trip down memory lane today, as I walked home. The Village People's You Can't Stop the Music was blaring from my iPhone - so today's "photo" is a screen shot from the iPhone.

80's music, whoever sings it, really tickles my fancy!

Tickle My Fancy Project - Day 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a bit of a creative lull late last year, but I've found my photography mojo again and am challenging myself to do another challenge.

The theme is going to be "Tickle My Fancy".According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase "tickle my fancy" means "to enjoy, adore, or be satisfied by". This means I'm going to photograph the things which I spy with my little eye each day (or week - whatever tickles my fancy). The photos will no doubt be shot with a mix of cameras, from my Canon 5DII, 7D, G12 or iPhone.

I envisage the project will be a cross between a 365 (photo a day challenge), and the Gratitude Challenges which seemed popular last year. In any case, my project is going to be about the things that make me larf.

Day 1 begins with the new lego house for my collection of minifigs! My brother and sister-in-law gave it to me for Christmas, and I finally got to play with it tonight, lining up all the little dudes in their cubicles - might keep the little buggers in check. I LOVE that this lego house now gives me a place to keep and organise my little lego figurines!

Adam and Loz, thank you! THIS tickles my fancy :)

All's fair in love and photography!

Long time no blog! I'm determined to blog a bit more regularly this year - last year's fitness kick seemed to have diverted my attention away from blogging and photography, and onto nutrition, heart rate monitors and all things calorie burning! There were several motives for the fitness regime, not the least of which was my wedding, which took place on 29 December 2012 under a beautiful tree in the Barossa Valley. My photography partner in crime, and now husband, Michael, took these photos as we mucked around with the professional photogs from Joel Roosa Photography. Gotta love an 8mm lens selfie and an all out camera war: our 5D IIs were aimed and fired...


Anyway, having failed epicly at my 365 challenge last year, during which the minifigs took over and I then wandered into a creative lull (which probably coincided with a substantial reduction in sugar and alcohol due to the fitness regime), my photography and blogging ground to a halt.

But 2013 has dawned, and I'm busting to get creative again. While I've taken Michael's surname, I'm still going to keep my blog name - I've kinda grown attached to my series of "A Surplice of..." blogs.

My next post will outline my new photography project for the year. It may morph into a daily thing and it may not. The minifigs might make random appearances (if I let them!) or not. It's going to be casual and observational....let's see how it goes. :)