My 365 Challenge (1st Challenge)

Photo #1 of my 365 Challenge
On March 6, 2010, I was inspired by many of my photography buddies to embark on a 365 Challenge, where the aim is to take a picture every day. Every. Single. Day, that is. At the time I started the challenge, I decided I would attempt to limit my challenge to pictures I take inside my 1-br apartment. Eeek!

After about Day 100, shooting exclusively inside my apartment got a tad the scope expanded to the big wide world. :)

The first 200 photos are in a facebook album. I then discovered the fabulous Flickr, and transferred my 365 Challenge to a new folder - so you can see photos #201 to the current day, there. I've not blogged about it every day, but if you want a torturous, blow by blow post of what I have written on all things 365, this search will pull up all the blog posts.

It's been a really rewarding experience. It's had its ups and downs - some days I'm ecstatic about the shot (or in most cases, shots) I've taken, and some days...well...some days are better than others.

I've really enjoyed seeing how my family and friends have reacted to my photos - particularly on Facebook. It reminds me every day that photography, like any form of art, is completely subjective. You can't please everyone! And so, I take these photos for me - to record what I'm interested in at the time, to try new techniques and test new gear, to stuff things up and try's all part of the creative journey I love so much about photography.

I've been pondering what I'll do at the end of my first 365 project. I've been leaning towards collating all 365 images to create a Photo Book. And then perhaps I'll start all over again, maybe with a slightly different spin. I've still got a few months to think about it - so watch this space!