The most amazing dinner on top of the world...well, almost

Following a day of tuk tuk madness, we headed off to the State Tower in the ritzy Lebua area of Bangkok, for a dinner to remember.

Back in Australia, I had researched great places to eat in Bangkok, and wanted to treat my boyfriend to an amazing meal, high over the city.

I came across reviews for Breeze Restaurant, which on level 52, was pretty much guaranteed to give us great views over the city, and spectacular modern Asian food.

Breeze certainly exceeded expectations on every front. From the moment we walked into the foyer, we were greeted by a hostess who ushered us into the lift which took us an ear-popping 52 floors up.

All of the tables were outside and open-air, and we walked across a neon light flanked glass walkway into the restaurant.

The views were awesome, and despite not having a tripod, we rolled off some panoramic shots of the city lights, before doing the obligatory DIY couples portrait. None of the diners had two 5D's sitting on their table....

The five course degustation and matched wine menu was on my agenda. Staff flocked around our table, checking that we were comfortable, warm enough, had enough water etc. The service all night was excellent.

A colourful row of shot glasses was placed on the table, all wildly exotic condiments to accompany our meal. Surprisingly, other diners were not photographing each plate as it was laid in front of them...

Every item on the menu was prepared and cooked to perfection. Whoever had matched the wines had also done an amazing job - our favourite for the evening was a moscato which accompanied dessert, and finished the meal in the most tasty way!

Amazing meal and more DIY photos against the now dark blue sky and a bwzillion city lights done, we ventured up to level 62 to the Sky Bar, under the great golden dome of the State Tower building. Sirocco, sister restaurant to Breeze, lives up on the top level, but you can go up to the Sky Bar just for a drink and to admire the view.

A four-piece band pumped out music over the city, and the pretty people mingled over cocktails. It was a fantastic experience, and a meal which I'll never forget.

Once again, getting a cab home proved challenging, and although we looked around and wondered if we'd have another chance meeting with our tuk tuk driver from earlier in the day, he didn't appear.

We found another one who agreed to take us back to the hotel. After five glasses of perfectly matched wine, Bangkok's traffic seemed a little easier to cope with - despite having the most psycho driver of the trip. It kinda looked a little like the picture below....

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