Taking time to smell (and shoot) the flowers

I love getting outside and photographing gardens, but it's easy enough to do it indoors too! I had a few days annuak leave this week, and paid a visit to the Brisbane Flower Markets.

The range of flowers - native and exotic - was awesome, and I picked out bunches of my favourite pinks and purples in varying degrees of bloom.

At the moment, I'm going through a bit of a high key phase, and love the look of virbrant flowers against a stark white background. This is easy enough to do with a light tent, and over-exposing by a couple of stops on the Canon Powershot G12. Whack it in macro mode, and off I go.

I love close up floral photography - the colours and textures all within such delicate petals....I find it really relaxing too. Flowers don't make demands. They don't talk back or blink...they always look great, even when they're wilting or have dried.

Here's a couple of my favourite images from the last couple of days!

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