Practising pawtraits

It's the second week of having a little shadow weaving her way around my feet as I try to walk anywhere in the house. Venti the 17-week old kitten flies to  my side when I'm about to walk up the stairs, and stops on every step, looks up and sees if I'm still walking up or am about to randomly change my mind and flee in the other direction (as she does - often).

This week we have discovered she thinks she's a dog. She loves playing a good old game of fetch with her pink mouse toy, and absolutely bolts back to us when we throw it to the other side of the room. The throwing and fetching cycle goes for about 10 rounds or until she flops at our feet in exhaustion....poor little cat, it's probably her equivalent of running a half marathon.

I'm trying to hone my cat photography skills; shooting with fast shutter speeds and the flash if I'm photographing her at night. I'm sure the poor kitten is sick of the paparazzi that greets her every time she does a new trick (or just sits there minding her own business and looking cute). I'm learning that pet photography requires a lot of patience, particularly from the animal! It's not too different from photographing kids - both require a lot of patience and trust, and they're all entirely unpredictable!

I'm really looking forward to getting started as a volunteer photographer at the RSPCA in a couple of weeks. While I'm not allowed to do anything with the photos except provide them to the RSPCA, it's likely they'll post some of the photos on their cool Adoptables page on Pinterest.

Here's some of this week's photos of our crazy little fetchin' kitten, Venti :) You can see more of her antics on her Facebook page, The Venti Files, and follow her on Twitter.

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