365 Challenge #266 - The Hoodman Loupe

 Wow - I'm nearly 3/4 of the way through this 365 Challenge and this would have to be one of the most uninspiring shots I've taken.
BUT - it's a photo of my new Hoodman Loupe - the fabulous gadget for those bright sunny Brisbane days. Let me re-phrase that - if it stopped raining  long enough in South East Queensland for there to be glare and sun, this gadget would be great.

I first saw the Hoodman Loupe hanging around the neck of Glynn Lavender, of Creative Photo Workshops fame. Then other photog buddies, such as the Gadget Man himself, Mr Peters, started to use them on shoots. And I drooled. What a great idea!

So what do they do? Basically, when you're taking pics out in the glaring sun, and can't see WHAT you're shooting, the loupe sits over your camera's LCD viewing screen. When you look through the eye piece, you can see the images perfectly. Glare be gone! The Hoodman website even has a video demonstrating this marvelous little piece of wizardry.

When I first started looking for Hoodman Loupes, there seemed to be a minimal supply of them in Australia - but now more outlets seem to have them. They're currently selling for $110 at Discount Digital or about USD$80 direct from Hoodman or Amazon.

I can't wait to get outside and use this new toy. If only the sun would show itself for any length of time!

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