365 Challenge #272 - Rum Balls!

Ah, Christmas. Gotta love all the little rituals, and once-a-year behaviours that go with it.

Making rum balls is one of my favourite Christmas rituals. Other than during the four years I was in London, I reckon I've been doing rum balls for about the last 15 years. And I only didn't make them in London because I couldn't find copha. Apparently copha is only sold in Australia. I researched it intensely when I lived in the UK, cos I needed that damn ingredient for this recipe. And this is the ONLY recipe I use for rum balls.

I've been using the same recipe that my mother has been using for years. She got it off a friend whose mother had been using it for years. Suffice to say - it's a good receipe. It's been tried and tested, and people who have these little alcohol-laden truffley things, all seem to ooh and ahh quite a lot while they're eating them. Then it's "hic!" afterwards.They do pack a punch.

Usually, I roll them in coconut - like this batch. But I made two double batches this evening , and the other half are rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Chocolate and rum on steroids really.

So...there's just one more day of work left before I can kick up my feet, crack the champas, ponder what the big old fat bloke will drop down the chimney, and of course, share the rumballs. Usually I get so sick of looking at them as I roll them, I can't eat them by the time Christmas day rolls around, but they sure do smell good :)


  1. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. No copha in real rumballs!!

  2. Haha! That's my magic ingredient. What do you use in yours? :D