A new world of photography on the iPad!

I finally joined the iPad brigade this month, and have been exploring lots of photography apps, and also trying to work out how to do blog posts from this awesome new plaything, ahem, I mean business tool.

One article I read talked about The Guardian's Eyewitness app, which is free, and downloads up to 100 stunning photos at a time from the publication's photo library. Each photo has a caption, and also a Pro Tip - perfect for both dribbling over, and learning at the same time.

This was the photo of the day for 1 October.

Having worked out how to take screen shots from the iPad (ie, this photo is a screen shot from the Eyewitness app), I tried to upload it through the Blogger platform via the Safari browser. For whatever reason, it didn't work, but a quick Google search revealed the BlogPress app as a possible solution.

Costing me US$2.99, BlogPress hooks up to my Blogger account, and theoretically let's me post directly to my blog of choice.

The photo upload was quick and simple, and while it doesn't look like I can add meta tags to the post as I can do in my actual Blogger account, it seems to be a great little app for on-the-go posts like this one.

Stay tuned for more photography adventures with the iPad!

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