These are a few of my favourite things...

Zinio is my new best friend! I'm busily loading the new iPad with loads of photography apps, and came across the Zinio digital magazine app.

I love magazines, and I subscribe to a couple of photography magazines from the UK, but it results in a growing pile of once-read mags which then sit around and gather dust. I'm also on the move - a lot - so the idea of being able to dip into my magazine collection whenever and wherever I feel like it, is very appealing.

It was easy enough to set up a Zinio account, and I was impressed with the fairly broad range of Australian and international titles they have available in digital format.

I love that I can buy individual issues or annual subscriptions, and that most of the magazines have a large back catalogue available to browse through - so if you see a specific edition you like, you can buy it, download it and be reading it in a matter of seconds. It's also a cheap way of testing to see whether you like a particular magazine.

So...I've subscribed to a few (more) photography magazines and am revelling in learning, dribbling over awesome photos, and learning about (yet more) apps. I love that receive an email whenever a new digital edition is ready for me to read, and I really love that I can bookmark interesting bits and pieces, take screen shots and email to people (or post on this blog), share on social media sites, and generally engage more with the content.

Some of the publications are yet to make full use of their content, and make website links listed in the copy live - the more progressive publications let you tap on the link and it throws you straight onto a Safari browser page - that suits me a consumer of this stuff...take me there when I'm really interested, and I'm far more likely to part with cash.

Anyway, here's a screen shot of my current reading list. The Tap series is awesome (and resulted in quite a few iPad app purchases, which I'll blog about at some point - after I've read my eMags).

I'm really not sure how I got by without the iPad. R.I.P Steve Jobs - you really did bring amazing, innovations into the mainstream!

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