Photographing the most important people

Photographs of people capture moments in time, perhaps a particular look, a smile, a baby's first steps, the loving smile between a couple at their wedding...

What is often overlooked is capturing photos of loved ones doing everyday things - a picture of them reading the paper, hugging their kids, patting their pet...and sometimes you really don't get the chance to capture those moments again.

I came across this link to Phillip Toledano's site, "Days with My Father".It's a beautiful, poignant reminder of why it's important to take the time to take great photos of those people you most love.

The photos of Phillip's father show the 98-year old throughout the final year of his life, wrapped around the central story of the man's love for his wife who had passed away suddenly in 2006, and the love between father and son.

It's a beautiful story, with simple but very compelling images. Check it out, and then go and take lots of photos of the people you most love!

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