Playing with the 100Cameras App

I spent last weekend playing tourist in Sydney in between family Christmas lunches and took a photo of the HMAS Vampire at the National Maritime Museum on what was a gorgeous sunny afternoon.

It was an interesting photo, and one which I thought would be good to experiment with in the 100Cameras app which I recently installed on my iPad.

100Cameras is a nifty little app created by travel photographer Trey Ratcliff. Simply import a photo from your media library or one you take using the iPad, and you can then apply one of 100 presets to your image. It's not that different from Lightroom, but I love how you can simply swipe through the library of effects and see how they look on your image.

When you find an effect you like, you can tweak the strength of it, and also wang around with sliders for hard light, overlay, multiple, screen, luminosity etc.

Some of the backgrounds are textures, like rocks, water and brick walls, others play with funky colour and saturation effects, and others do cool things with light and contrast. Some are completely over the top (like the red option i chose below) but it's worth having a play and seeing what's possible.

Can't wait to see how some of these effects look on the photos of Angkor Wat I'll be shooting in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, if you like dabbling with your iPhone and iPad, and want an app that gives you 100 really easy-to-use effects, check out 100Cameras!

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