My first foray into time lapse photography

There are some amazing time lapse photography sequences floating round the net, so I was inspired to attempt my own after a shoot out at Dicky Beach this weekend.

It was an amazing, dark night, with spectacular clouds and millions of stars. Ships steamed across the  horizon and aircraft cut through the sky, all the while, clouds crashed around the wreck of the S.S Dicky. It was eerie. Moody. Beautiful!

The set up was as follows:
- Canon 5D II with the 24-70mm lens mounted on a tripod and cable release
- ISO 800, f/3.2, 30 second exposures
- 125 consecutive RAW images converted to JPEG format

In post production, I reduced noise, changed the colour temperature to tungsten, and bumped up contrast slightly.

I then used Windows Live Movie Maker to "stitch" the images together, video style.

I wish I'd have taken more images as there was so much going on between ships, planes and waves! Anyway, here's the finished product! I'll definitely be trying this again :)

Click on the image below, which takes you to the 36-second video on my Flickr stream.

Dicky Beach under the stars

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