A new decade, a new camera, a new 365 challenge!

Today is a bit of a milestone birthday for me...one of those birthdays with a whopping big 0 in it. One that throws you into another decade. One that makes you wonder where the last 40 years went...

But it's a good thing. A GREAT thing, especially when there's lots happening and lots to look forward to!

Photographically, I want to keep challenging myself, and have decided to start another 365 challenge - 365 of 40 it's going to be. A photo everyday of my big old 40th year. Or is it my 41st year?

Anyway,  I've got a new toy to do it with too....a sparkly new Canon PowerShot G12 (Thank you Michael xx). A Point & Shoot! Quelle horreur! As much as I love my 5D II and 7D cameras, I wanted a  compact camera that I could carry with me everywhere, but which still afforded full manual control. And after the fun of my first 365 Challenge I wanted to get back to taking a photo everyday.

So here is Day 1's photo (one of the first birthday cards I received this morning), and a shot of the latest Canon addition to the Surplice-Coppola household :)


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