365 Challenge #279 - Getting back into tennis!

I'm not really into setting new year's resolutions, but I do find I'm inspired to ponder new possibilities at this time of the year.

Tonight, I was pondering how I could make getting fit fun - I HATE the gym. I always have - and each year I get enthusiastic about a new gym membership for the first 6 days, weeks or months, and then it fails in an epic way. I waste money by not going; then I feel guilty about wasting money; then I resort to comfort eating and bonding with chocolate to console self about the guilt; then I decide I need to get fit - cos hell, all that chocolate isn't shaking itself off, and the whole sorry story starts again.

And then I remembered that I used to love tennis. I played it heaps as a kid, and can still hear coach John, from Matchpoint Tennis down at Kirrawee's mantra "racquet back e-a-r-l-y".

So I looked around for tennis lessons tonight, and found a cool looking centre not too far from my place. I've signed up for a 3-night "holiday clinic" next week, with a view to joining a squad which practices once a week.

Ok - having a bash once a week isn't necessarily going to get me fit fast - but it's better than the current exercise regime of zip. Nada. Zilch.

And perhaps it will open up more photographic opportunities for me - and an excuse to buy one of those thumping big lenses that sports photogs use.

I'm liking this "resolution" more by the day!

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