365 Challenge #281 - somewhere under the rainbow

The rain eased for a couple of hours this evening - it's been SERIOUSLY hammering down all day, and the sound of no rain actually made me stick my head out the window to see if my ears were lying. Nope - no rain. Even now - an hour later - there's no rain. If it keeps going like this, we might actually start to have some semblance of a summer!

Anyway, I digress. When I looked out the window, there was a real golden/pinky tinge to the sky, then this slash of a rainbow appeared.

I was on a conference call with a colleague when I noticed all of this, and couldn't help but sneak this pic in - juggling a cordless phone and a 5D Mark II with the 70-200mm lens was not an easy feat, but it kinda worked.


  1. Good on u for getting some pics I couldn't be bothered today!!

  2. Haha - I actually just stuck my head out of the window. Am dying to actually get out and shoot, when it ever dries up!! :)