There's no circus in this tent!

I'm loving the Colour II series of workshops I'm doing at the Brisbane College of Photography & Art. We're covering macro photography in a fair bit of detail at the moment, and this week we covered lighting options for macro work.

I'd seen light boxes and product tables in action very briefly at the Creative Photo Workshops Studio Lighting Workshop I did late last year, but was more focused in that session on shooting portraits of the glam models, than bottles and watches. 

Anyway, this week, we played around with a 80cm x 80cm light tent, and I really like the soft light a portable white box like this can throw around pretty much any object you put in it.

The lecturer was telling us that he'd experimented a lot with light tents and found that it really didn't matter too much where (on the outside of the) light tent you fired the flash (or studio lights) - that it would just throw a nice diffused light into the tent and keep harsh shadows out of the image.

So now, of course, I need to experiment for myself...I found a nice cheap light tent online, and am patiently awaiting its arrival. Watch this space for the practice attempts...

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