Insanely great photo projects and DIY ideas with photojojo

A few months ago, I came across Photojojo, a fantastic, zany little site with some very cool gifts and gear for photographers.

Photojojo!: Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY IdeasAs well as awesome products like fisheye, macro and wide angle lens attachements for mobile phones, funky photo frames and "The Bottle Cap Tripod", photojojo sells a book full of "insanely great photo projects and DIY ideas".

I was doing a big order from (which I do every couple of months to make the most of shipping costs), and decided that any book that had as its cover, a picture of a dog with a small camera strapped to its head with a Joby Gorillapod, was up my alley. Imagine the images that you'd get from the perspective of your pooch :).

So the book arrived this week, and I've been flicking through for inspiration. You can also check out the photojojo Facebook page, which currently has over 34,700 fans, and provides a continual stream of funky, funny ideas.

The book shows how you can make ginormous photo mosaics, and all manner of holders and clips to display your photos. For example, there's a whole page dedicated to "how to turn a fork into a photo stand"!

One project shows you how to create your own photo Rubik's Cube, and for the slightly more vindictive amongst us, how to create a photo doll.

There's projects like "The Human Calendar", how to make personal snow globes, new ideas for 365 projects, DIY Time Machines...and on it goes. I'm smiling just looking at the photos of how to work through these projects!

Section Two shows how to make MacGyver-like tools like string monopods, flash diffusers, a cheap fish eye lens and a pinhole camera.

I love the way the book is written, and it really does seem to be full of "insanely great photo projects and DIY ideas." Now...which one to try first??

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