High speed water shots - and how to do them!

It's another wet weekend in Brisbane, and I found this post I'd started collecting notes about, but had not yet posted it.

I'm fascinated by high speed photography - particularly high speed images of water splashes, like this stunning one from Martin Waugh. Check out his website to see a consistently amazing portfolio of water splashes and water collisions. What's the difference? Keep reading....

(c) 2006 Martin Waugh at www.liquidsculpture.com
Martin describes in very general terms, his process for creating what he calls Liquid Sculptures and you can see a picture of his shooting set up.

I was so interested in his work, I scoured every part of his site, and came across this slow motion video which shows what actually happens to a water drop when it hits a shallow pool of water (a splash), and what happens when a water drop which has "bounced off the pool of water" and collides with another falling drop (a collision, like the image above).

Anyway, as the rain continues to fall, I'm feeling a bit inspired to keep playing with water and eventually get to images like Martin's. I suspect it's going to take a l-o-t of practice :)

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