All hail the mighty Canon EOS 5D Mark II!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm LOVING the way I can now read a bunch of photography magazines on my iPad, via Zinio.

One of the photography magazines I really enjoy each month is Amateur Photographer, which is published in the UK. This month, it came with a supplement called the 100 Greatest Cameras of All Time.

What a great read! The feature counted down 100 awesome cameras spanning 110 years - the list included film cameras and digital cameras across all brands, as voted by AP readers.

According to AP, its editors created a list of 800 cameras, and then asked its readers to cast a maximum of three votes for the camera they considered to be the greatest of all time. Over a period of four weeks, almost 15,000 votes were cast and a total of 709 models were voted for. The list of 100 was created, and the feature analyses each of them.

It was extremely tempting to race through to the end and see instantly which camera had taken the coveted #1 position...but I restrained myself and wandered through details of the Kodak brownie and some older style Nikon cameras.

I came across the Canon Digital Ixus at #85 - this was my first digital camera, an awesome little machine. I loved how light and small it was - small enough to fit into a handbag and no need to carry around the massive camera bag I now lug everywhere :)

Older model Hasselblad and Leica cameras appeared, and then came the Canon EOS 400D at #70. This was my first DLSR, and was lauded as the first Canon EOS camera to feature built-in sensor cleaning.

As I rolled past the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV at #42 and the 1Ds Mark III at #39, I started to anticpate how high up the list the Canon EOS 5D Mark II would be...still no sign of the Nikon D3X came in at #16 and the new Sony Alpha 77 at #13....then the Nikon D3S, Nikon D700 and Olympus Trip 35...

The Canon EOS 7D appeared at #6 (a camera I'm hoping to buy soon as a second body)....and finally, a few swipes later, the mighty 5D Mark II appeared as THE WINNER - the camera AP readers voted as the Greatest Camera of All Time! Whoohooo!

I loved this camera well before I bought it in 2010, stalked it, tested it, read hundreds of reviews about it, until I finally became a very proud of owner of one last September.

Damien Demolder, the editor of AP wrote of the 5D Mark II: 
"After 150 years of camera production, the 'greatest' should be that which benefits from the culmination of all that has been learned, honed and perfected. Seeing the reaction the EOS 5D Mark II received at its launch, it can hardly be a surprise that it is this pinnacle of technological and design achievement that has been voted the greatest of all time. My congratulations go to Canon, and especially the engineers and designers who worked so hard to bring this example of excellence into the world."
Got to be happy with that! Here's the full page article, with more details about the mighty 5D Mark II. With the newly launched Canon EOS 1DX now on the market, it will be interesting to see the results of next year's Top 100!

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