365 Challenge #346 - Brisvegas at Dusk

It was another beautiful evening in Brisvegas, and I thought I'd head down to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. I usually shoot from the top of the cliffs, but tonight I wanted a different angle, and headed down to river level.

I took a bunch of shots in color, but had to have the obligatory black and white photo. I like setting up the b/w settings in camera - I know I can shoot in colour and convert to b/w in Photoshop (in any case, I shoot in RAW and jpeg, so one file retains the settings and one does not). The movement in the clouds was cool.

I can't believe this 365 Challenge is up to #346! Less than 30 days of this particular challenge to go, and I'm thinking ahead to the next one...my blog also hit 6,000 page views this week, which was a nice little milestone. Round numbers are good :)

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