Going bush - to Goondiwindi!

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 I've never been to a photography convention, and I've never been to Goondiwindi - a small town about 4.5 hours west of Brisbane.

When I received an email the other day announcing that the 2011 Photography Society of Queensland's annual convention was going to be held in Goondiwindi over the June long week, I had a squizz at the program and decided I'd make the trek out west to check it out.

PSQ 2011 has a range of speakers about all things photography. Some speakers - such as Bluedog Photography's Danielle Lancaster, and World Photo Adventures' Darren Leal, I've heard speak previously and look forward to hearing again. The keynote speaker is photojournalist Nigel Brennan. He and Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout, were held hostage for 462 days in Somalia - can't wait to hear his presentation!

Over the three days of the convention, there's also workshops in the afternoons and a star trails shoot on the Saturday evening - it will be great to get out under the stars for some long exposure shots.

I'm sure the drive out west will be an adventure in itself! I love checking out new places, and figure it's about time I start exploring my back yard here in Queensland. Bring on the long weekend!

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