Cool travel app: My Shot Lists for Travel

I was reading a blog post on Digital Photography School earlier this week, with an enticing promise: The Only Tip You’ll Need for Creating a More Interesting and Well-Rounded Set of Images of Any Destination or Subject.

Given my lurve of travel, I had to check out the article. It was basically a big plug for an iPhone app called My Shot Lists for Travel (this links to the US iTunes Store, as I couldn't find the equivalent page on iTunes Oz).

I didn't mind that it was plugging an app, because having recently jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, I'm always looking for new and creative ways of parting with my money in the name of fun, efficiency or the potential for photographic brilliance!

So I bought the app for just a couple of Australian bucks, although I'm rather annoyed that the US version is $0.99 and the Australian dollar is stronger than the US dollar and we still twice as much...

Anyway...My Shot Lists for Travel was developed by travel photographer Ralph Velasco. According to his blog, "Ralph Velasco is an award-winning travel photography instructor and international tour guide who has photographed in more than forty countries on six continents."

The description of the app says, "Perfect for travelers of all photography skill levels, the My Shot Lists for Travel app for the iPhone and iPod touch is the ideal tool for developing and tracking a well-rounded collection of images that truly captures the essence of a place. It was designed to guide you towards creating an overall cultural portrait of any destination or subject and provides the basis for compelling and interesting images of which you can be proud. Incorporate the app into your daily shooting routine and you’re sure to have friends and family asking you to share your portfolio, website or slideshow, not the other way around!"

I like the concept of a shot list - I tend to shoot a range of categories of photos in whichever place I visit, but I like that this app lists some 50 categories of photos you could potentially take (plus you can add your own), and then gives sample photos (from Ralph's own global roamings) and some brief hints about shooting each category.

With a trip to Vietnam looming at the end of the year, I'm looking forward to using this app, and even in my wanderings around Brisbane. Here are a couple of the screen shots.

Incidentally, Ralph's Photo Walking Tours and Cultural Tours look pretty impressive....something to keep in mind for my next trip, methinks :)


  1. *sigh* one of my favourite places, Slovakia and one of the places I want to go to, Croatia!

  2. I know! Such a beautiful part of the world. I'd go back to Slovakia or Croatia in a heartbeat!!

  3. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for writing this post, glad you're enjoying the app. I didn't realize that apps are more expensive in Oz than in the U.S., I guess I just assumed they'd be priced at the US 99 cent equivalent in A$. Would love to have you out on a PhotoWalkingTour, perhaps to Cuba, on the Danube or other. Thanks again, Ralph

  4. Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for your post! It's a great little app. There are all sorts of discrepancies in pricing between the iTunes stores...anyway, it's not like it's going to break the bank. :)

    The Cuba photowalking tour sounds awesome. I shall keep it in mind for next year's holiday!

    Best regards,