Macro @ f22

We've been discussing macro work, a LOT, in the Colour II course at the Brisbane College of Photography & Art, and our assignment for this week was try to shooting macro at extremely small and large apertures (and all the way up the scale to see what it does to depth of field). We then had to print out the shots and show them at the class.

I shot this ring, in/on my (white dinner plate) studio, just using the glaring halogen spotlights in my kitchen, rather than using a flash. The first was shot at f/2.8, the second at f/22. I rarely shoot macro stuff at such small apertures, but this assignment showed me the difference (and benefit in doing so). Printing out the shots really highlighted the difference a change in aperture makes. The ring was also pretty sharp at about f/11.

So - the next time I go out shooting bugs and flowers, I'll definitely try smaller apertures. And a tripod.



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