Black Rapid's R-Strap rocks!

I love hanging out with other photographers, who are only too happy to talk (brag?) about their camera gear. But it’s nice to know there’s bunches of other people out there scouting around for the latest and greatest photography gadgets, and sharing their knowledge.
A few of my photography buddies had mentioned the R-Strap (and other variations of camera straps)…so I checked out the Black Rapid website, discovered a women’s version (the RS-W1), watched the funky demo video, and decided I needed one.
The R-Strap screws into the base of your camera (or a tripod plate which also screws into your camera) and hangs over one shoulder (as shown in the pic below).
I have pretty much the same gear as in the pic below, and the combined weight of the 5D II and the 70-200mm lens is just over 2kg, which can get V-E-R-Y heavy dragging around your neck all day, using the strap supplied with the camera. So right away, the R-Strap spreads the weight of the camera by putting it over your shoulder. I reckon that’s its biggest benefit.
What else do I love about the R-Strap?
·    It’s great for long shoots – during my recent Great Ocean Road trip, I used the R-Strap pretty much all day, every day (except when we were driving), and it was really comfortable.
·    It gives you fast access to the camera. When not in use, the camera dangles to one side of your body, rather than hanging out right in front, banging against your gut (always a good look, don’t you think?).
·    It’s robust! Once you’ve tightened up the connectors, the camera feels entirely safe hanging unsupported on the R-Strap. That said, I found that when I was traipsing through the rainforests with the camera dangling to my left side, I hooked my fingers under the tripod mount on the 70-200mm lens…didn’t really fancy a brand new camera and almost as new lens, biting the dust on the rainforest floor. I also found that it was worth tightening the screw that secures the carabina attach clip to the camera/tripod plate every hour or so. I dunno, call me paranoid, but it just felt better when I tightened everything up.
The RS-W1 Camera Strap retails for USD$59 (plus delivery) from or Black Rapid. I’m sure some of the big Australian retailers sell them too – but this is definitely one piece of gear I can't live without!


  1. And who was the trendsetter in R Straps????

  2. Hmm...I wonder. You were always the trendsetter :)