Why I'm Loving The Five Minute Photographer

I'd heard about the Five Minute Photographer site a while back, but had never had the time to look at it. Something made me check it out again last week, and after watching one of the sample 5-minute tutorials, I signed up.

It's pretty good value, considering that for $29.95 for 6 months or $49.95 for 12 months, you get access to a Members Only section containing a bunch of 5-minute video tutorials from various professional photogs, including Shelton Muller of Creative Photo Workshops fame; articles and a forum, where members can discuss pretty much anything they like about photography.

Like most photography forums, the feedback is mostly friendly and helpful. I also like that the expert photogs who feature in the tutorials jump into the forum, fairly frequently, and provide their feedback on images loaded up to the site. One even checked out my Flickr feed and commented on pics there. What a fab way to connect with other people who love this stuff as much as I do!

The video tutorials are great, bite sized snippets of photography wisdom on topics such as exposure, lighting, composition, landscape, people and flash. Being only five minutes in duration, they're short enough to listen to a couple every few days - and again before you're heading out in a situation when you know you're going to need to know say, how to pose people or use flash etc.

The Five Minute Photographer is also great for those days when it's too wet to go out shooting. When you can't go out shooting, the next best thing is to watch videos about what you COULD be doing when it fines up.

Head on over and check out this great resource: http://www.fiveminutephotographer.com/.


  1. Thanks for the unprompted review Melwnie. Hope you continue to enjoy the site! John

  2. Hey John,

    No problem! It's a great forum and I'm really enjoying it. Also making some great new contacts and enjoying seeing some awesome work on the site. What a talented bunch of peeps :).