Green Eggs No Ham - high speed photography with projectiles

Green Eggs No Ham, originally uploaded by alan_sailer.

Alan Sailer does the most amazing high speed photography work. I read about him in this Daily Mail article last year, and stumbled across his Flickr Photostream today.

According to the article, Alan shoots at everyday objects using an air rifle, a camera and a home-made flash. Photography that requires a microsecond flash to stop action has to be moving near the speed of sound and such events are usually high-risk. To buy a fast flash is expensive, often costing many thousands of pounds, but Sailer was able to build one for about £200.

This image of a "farm fresh salmonella filled egg" was pounded with a green paintball. As you do! :) What an awesome result!

I truly admire photographers who push themselves and their art to the limit.

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