365 Challenge #234 - creating light with flash

What a day! The grand finale - the Advanced Flash Workshop with Shelton Muller and Glynn Lavender, from Creative Photo Workshops.

Despite having had a l-o-n-g week of teaching, the boys greeted us with their usual energy and enthusiasm this morning. You only need to hang round them for just a few minutes to see how much they love photography. They're passionate about it, and it's infectious.

They outlined the principals of flash photography and built on the material from the Creative Flash Workshop, which I'd attended earlier in the year. Then we were launched into action, observing as they set up shots using a simple formula using guide numbers, aperture and distance. Going forward, my challenge will be to get out there and create these setups myself  - but I now get what has to happen. Flash is no longer the scary beast it once was. It's powerful, and I want to nail how to use it in my photography.

We played with everything from simple one-flash setups to more complex setups with multiple flashes. I could see the photographic wish list growing by the second. What amazed me was how simple it was to create some pretty spectacular effects. Can't find light to pose people in? Then create it with a single flash, backdrop and coloured gels. Looking to separate someone from a dark background? Throw some rim light around them, and voila - they pop!

As with the natural light and wedding workshops earlier in the week, we were shown how to create awesome shots by posing people for the light. Our fabulous models patiently held their poses while Brisbane's paparazzi snapped around them. We laughed a lot too - so much so at some points in proceedings, that we couldn't hold our cameras steady.

My head is full of ideas I've gleaned from the last five days. I can't wait to start practicing and seeing where the next part of this photographic path takes me.

To Shelton and Glynn, a huge thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge in a funny, patient and inspiring way. You made this week awesome!

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