365 Challenge #244 - a whole lotta pork

Ok, so it's not the most beautiful photo in the world, but it was an awesome meal tonight at Brisbane's German Club. Mum, Dad and I felt it was time for the twice-yearly glutton-fest that is slow roasted pork knuckle, and this is one of the best places in Brisbane to indulge....

The German Club is an unassuming little building next to the Gabba stadium, but it's far from dull. Tonight's highlight was a one-man Bavarian band composed of "Andrew", who played everything from traditional Bavarian oom-pa-pa music, to belting out "Down Under" and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Picture with me if you will, a funny little man in lederhausen and green cap, simultaneously playing the organ with either an accordian, guitar or trombone, and you'll get some idea of this evening's entertainment. It was hilarious!

Even more hilarious was when Andrew the Bavarian started banging out YMCA, and the pork-knuckle eating punters did all the actions while sitting down and mopping gravy with their sauerkraut. Good grief...where to look first?

That all got a bit too noisy for the folks and I, who were actually trying to have a chat - so we adjourned to the quieter bar area, where a contingent from a stags night were doing very strange things with a small blow up doll and drinking straws. Try explaining THAT to your mother....

Then came the drive home through The Valley, which at 9pm on a Friday night, only hints at the magnitude of carnage that lurks round the streets in the wee hours. It was a very funny night - and the pork knuckle was predictably fabulous, if not calorifically and cholesterolly challenging.

Check out the German Club next time you're in this park of town!

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