365 Challenge #239 - Puppy Portraits

George & Millie II, originally uploaded by Melanie Surplice.
"Find the light, and put them in it" and "pose the subjects for the light" were the mantra at least week's workshops. So I tried that this afternoon as I attempted to capture some shots of the gorgeous George and Millie.

Shooting dogs is hard work! This pair are hyperactive little bundles of joy, and the only way we could eventually coax them to look up and stay still for any length of time, was to dangle a food treat just above my head.

I love how it looks like George is smiling :D


  1. Welcome to my world Mel...you know what they say...Kids and animals....but animals are SOOOO much fun! .....Love the teeth too.....

  2. Hey Ash, so true! It was exhausting, but hilarious to try to get them to stay still enough to get shots LOL.