365 Challenge #240 - A different perspective

It was a beautiful day to get out with the camera, and smell the proverbial roses. I've been to Brisbane's Roma Street Parklands a bwzillion times before (not that I exaggerate), but today I went out with a couple of missions:
  1. To only use one lens (in this case, the Tamron SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 lens) for the entire time, and;
  2. To shoot from a different perspective.
There were plenty of bugs, flowers and things I love to shoot, particularly now that I can get really close to my subjects. How much do I love the macro capabilities of this lens! Using just one prime lens (as opposed to the zoom lenses I'm far more used to using), forces me to use my feet and take more time to set up a shot, rather than using a zoom to hone in on the subject.

When I came across a bed of flowers, I tried the trusty old trick of placing the camera on the ground underneath it, pointing the lens skyward, using autofocus to latch onto something, and firing away. I'd seen shots from other photographers like this, so it's not by any means an original idea, but I do love the random shots that come out of it.

There's more pics from today's shoot on my Flickr page.

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