365 Challenge #295 - All hail the holy banana

Today was the day that Tropical Cyclone Yasi crossed the Australian coast, and decimated the seaside towns of Cardwell, Tully and Mission Beach. Hundreds of kilometres of that part of the Far North Queensland Coast also copped a hammering, and tonight there is widespread devastation.

As well as destroying homes and businesses, I read that the monster cyclone - a Category 5 when it slammed into the land - would wipe out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of banana and sugar cane crops in the area.

So...today's 365 pic pays homage to the humble (and soon-to-be very expensive) banana. I shall savour these ones, because they reckon bananas could jump from $2-3 a kilo to $15 a kilo.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone who has been affected by what has been described as the biggest cyclone in living memory, to cross Australia's coast.

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