365 Challenge #304 - Colour 101....or make that 2

Anyone who knows me will attest to my course junkie thang. I love doing courses - short courses, long courses, degrees for the fun of it...So I'm very excited to be starting the 8-week Colour II course at the Brisbane College of Photography and Art tomorrow night.

I did the Colour I course at the college late last year, and it provided a great refresher on exposure, flash and studio lighting, and all manner of other interesting photography stuff.

The Photographer's Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital PhotosColour II promises to cover creative composition, elements and principles of design, angles and perspective and a range of other topics. I'm reading about design principals as they apply to photography in The Photographer's Eye, so it will be interesting to get a more practical take on the subject.

I find that the 8-week courses give me time to ponder points that are made in class, go home and try them, and then come back with just as many questions the following week. I also like hanging out with other photogs and seeing what they're up to...

So....stay tuned for updates from this happy little course junkie.

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