365 Challenge #306 - Issey Miyake

My head is spinning with the concepts of design we discussed in the first session of the 8-week Colour II course at the Brisbane College of Photography & Arts last night.

We discussed the eight principles of design - proportion, rhythm, unity, dominance, balance, harmony, selection and contrast. On top of that are the seven elements of design - line, direction, shape, size, texture, value (which I equated with exposure) and colour. All of these principles and elements can be incorporated into photography - particularly helping with composition decisions. The tutor explained that photos which incorporate the principles of design generally seem to work better than those photos which ignore or contradict these principles.

We then put these into a matrix, and the first assignment became to take pictures which represented a combination of one item from each category - so contrast and value for example.

This is FABULOUS, because it gives me 56 possibilities from all the combinations, meaning 52 photos - which will just about see me done and dusted for this 365 challenge.

No doubt, I'll research and blog about each element as I go, but for today, I thought I'd start with an easy one - a yummy selling combination of contrast and value :)

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