Loving the long exposure!

Ah, the joy of night shoots! Haven't done it for what feels like ages, and ended up going out twice the weekend.

Other than the mossies, which around the Brisbane River, are more like small helicopters than tiny bugs, I love that night shooting relies on long exposures. The photo of the Story Bridge (above) was 100 seconds, while the one below was 611 seconds - just over 10 minutes (both at f/11 with the 28-70mm f/2.8L lens).

I love what long exposure shooting does to lights and water, and the reflections created when you have both ingredients. I love that night shooting is typically quiet and peaceful (other than random Irish drunks and the swearing that comes with having forgetten the mossie repellant).

I also appreciate the chit chat that typically comes with the other photogs who are shooting with you - last night, the guy that was shooting near Steve, Darren and I ended up being a guy I was already in contact with on Flickr. It's not the first time someone has suggested we all start wearing t-shirts with our Flickr Id's out to shoots....

It was a dilemma last night though - the sunset on one side of Cleveland Point, and the full moon rise on the other. We opted for the sunset, but the moon looked pretty spectacular through the palm trees. My lens didn't zoom far enough to capture enough detail, so I'll have to commit that image to memory.

Now - to find some more locations around Brisbane so I can do more night shooting! Where's YOUR favourite night shooting location in Brisbane?

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