365 Challenge #308 - New Farm Park's rose garden

It was a gorgeous day out yesterday! Photography buddy Robyn and I arranged to meet up at Brisbane's Powerhouse to check out the Nikon Walkley Press Photo Exhibition, which finishes this weekend.

The collection of 100 of the winning and finalist photos was inspiring. Press photographers, particularly news photographers, usually have very little time to set up the images we see in newspapers.

These photographers are often shooting in the most difficult conditions, like wars and disasters. As we wandered round the images, we wondered whether the shots were straight out of the camera or if they had been photoshopped at all.

It was also interesting to see that some of the winning shots broke some of the "rules" that we've been taught in various workshops - like the rule of "don't stick your subject in the dead centre of the frame". A number of the winning photos had captured the subject right in the middle of the image. Go figure!

After a few quiet drinkies on the balcony of the Powerhouse, we wandered out to New Farm Park with our cameras. I hadn't been here since before the area had been inundated in the January floods, and it was great to see everything largely back to normal.

The sun was still hot and glary, so shooting flowers (or indeed, anything) was a tad tricky. A polarising filter helped to pull back the light and add some colour to the sky. I experimented with shooting these roses from underneath.

I love the colours of vivid colours of Summer, but am also looking forward to cooler temps in Autumn.

All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L lens.

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