365 Challenge #309 - summer fun!

I spent a lovely afternoon today with my family on the Gold Coast. What a cracker of a last weekend for summer - but hopefully now we move into the season of fewer storms and cooler temps. Autumn is my favourite time of the year in Queensland.

Little B, my gorgeous nephew who turned two last week, entertained us by splashing around in the pool. It would have been a great day for using my 70-200mm lens, but I only had the 24-70mm lens.

The 24-70mm lens is the one I use most often - such a brilliant general-purpose lens. My only concern about using it today was that I had to get fairly close to this cheeky little monkey to get a close up shot - and he was splashing around like mad. Even though the lens and camera body are weather sealed, I'm still a bit nervous about getting it the gear wet.

Anyway, I was able to roll off a bunch of shots of him and Grandma playing in the pool. That's what summer is about, after all :)

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